How to sustainably style your coffee table

We all know those Pintrest perfect photos of homes with beautifully styled coffee tables and everything coordinating excruciatingly well. It's worth a mention that living up to that kind of standard is almost impossible! Especially when living in a busy household. Today I'm going to show you a quick idea of how I styled my new coffee table from Ikea into this pastel boho vibe in just a few minutes.

This is the before picture, a plain table and a black sofa, I used a light coloured throw here to bring some brightness to the room too, and added some linen cushion covers.

We live in a flat and sadly there is not enough space for the sofa and a dining table so this coffee table also serves as our space to eat / drink which is why I opted to keep it functional and decorated with high quality terrazzo decor and decorative candles which are too pretty to burn.

Watch the video below to see the step by step.

I paired these decorative candles from Unwritten Aromas with some Madebypaulinauk decor and here are the results:

Personally I love mixing things of different sizes, this creates dimension within your set up. The candles are safely situated upon a large display tray, with a matching vase and bunny tail grass. Then two taper candles in complimentary candle holders with gold flakes, and a his and hers coasters one in sage and one in pink.

You must be wondering, how is this a sustainable way of styling your table? These terrazzo decorations are completely handmade using a material called Jesmonite, an eco friendly, water based composite material that is free of toxins and VOC. Meaning producing these pieces causes no bad impact on our environment.

The candles are handmade using Soy wax, a renewable and vegan material that is paraben free and a better alternative to many store made candles.

As a thank you for reading this article I would love to offer you a 10% off code to shop at Madebypaulinauk simply use the code Styling101 and start styling that coffee table of yours!

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The Madebypaulinauk products in the above photo:

Xl tray in sage green

Bud vase in sage green

Gold leaf candle stick holders

Lotus coasters

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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