5 stylish ways to use your terrazzo trinket dish

Trinket trays and dishes are so handy to have around the home! Not only can they be bought as little treats for yourself but they also make beautiful gifts, be it for a birthday or Christmas!

They are often used for storing your jewellery but that is not the only way they can be used, today we will show you other stylish ways to use your Madebypaulinauk dishes:

Shown in photo Neutral wavy dish

Hand Soap and Hand Cream Tray

1. Don't you hate the way soap leaves rings on the sink? You can use a trinket dish to prevent that, plus it creates a modern look in your bathroom.

Shown in photo Gold Flake tray

Loose Change Dish

2. How annoying is it to keep finding loose change around your home? Well not with one of these trinket bowls. These little dishes are perfect to drop some change into, keep them by the front door and empty your pockets of change as you come home. Then when you need to pop by the store you know exactly where you money is!

Shown in photo Princess Pink Heart Dish

Candle Tray

3. With these cold autumn evenings candles are a delight! But free standing candles make a mess without anything below them. Jesmonite trays are fire resistant which means they are perfect to light a candle on. The wax cleans off easily and if you can't get some off, pop it in the freezer for a few hours and it will come right off!

Shown in photo Mocha and Monochrome Medium Tray

Plant Pot Saucer

4. Use a trinket tray instead of a plant saucer to catch any excess water from your plants! We have convenient bundles of trays and pots that help you save a few pounds too.

Shown in photo Monochrome Large Tray


5. We love using an oval tray instead of a coaster. Why? Because it gives you an excuse to have a biscuit with your tea, well... not like you really need an excuse! Who doesn't love a good biscuit.

Shown in photo Terracotta Trinket Tray

There are still many other ways you could use a trinket dish! Should we make a part 2?

Let us know in the comments how you use trinket dishes around your home.

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Team Madebypaulinauk x

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