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I’m Paulina, the designer behind the cute prints and accessories you may have seen on our website. Together with the help of my amazing seamstress - mum we have been creating our collections of fashion and home accessories. I design the fabric and she turns it into these unique products. 

But it wasn’t always like this… When I first started my business in 2020 I was lost for what to do. I started experimenting with many crafts until my crafty experiments with Jesmonite started going viral on social media, the demand for them grew and I found myself overwhelmed, hand making individual items for minimum profits. My sales quickly slowed but large corporate orders started coming in and in a bid to save my business I agreed. Working myself sick in the process, in a passionless craft. 

Until I couldn’t do it anymore. In November 2022 I announced that I will no longer make Jesmonite decor. 

At the same time I knew my mum had been struggling, being a single mum to two of my young siblings she has always struggled to find work that accommodates her school run schedule. She is a seamstress, always spending her spare time sewing away on her machines, making bags, pouches and many other accessories. 

That’s when I decided, if I’m going on this crazy new adventure, I need to bring her along. I couldn’t believe the outpour of love and support from my community when I revealed my true passion and the plan for the future, working as a Mother & Daughter duo. It felt like a spark got lit in my life again. 

Life can get overwhelming sometimes, and you can get swept up with the tide. I know just how it feels, so if there is anything I want from Madebypaulinauk in the future it is to help brighten the lives of others and spread happiness with my work. 

I can’t wait to show you all the amazing products we’re working on, 2023 is going to be HUGE! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube to see all the behind the scenes content. 

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Meet my mum, Ewelina!

Hi! I'm Paulinas mum and the seamstress behind all the hand sewn products. I studied to be a seamstress when I was young but then I had my happy little accident - Paulina, and later she was joined by 2 brothers and a sister. I may not have been able to find a career in my field but I never stopped sewing. I have experience sewing some fun things like baby accessories, clothes and bags to huge projects like boat sails. I’m so excited to join Paulina and use the beautiful fabrics she designs to hand sew our products. I hope you enjoy our passions put together into one!

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