Affiliate Links

While we can't share where we buy everything for our business, here are a few links that will help other small businesses!


We only use recyclable boxes which you can find with the following links:

Not all tissue paper is eco friendly, we only use acid free tissue paper which you can find here. 

Our 100% recyclable tape is from Sticker Mule, use this link to receive £8 credit for your order, also here is a link to a handy water activated tape dispenser.

We print all our logo stickers in house on A4 sticker sheets like these.

Here are links for some extras to add to your packaging:

On to the most popular question we receive... where to find moulds:


If you are planning on starting your own business selling similar products, the only thing we ask is that you are creative and not copy other peoples designs. This is the biggest problem with our creations being shared on social media, and the main reason why we haven't shared information like this before. We believe there is space for all of us if we all respect each other and find our own creative path.

Last but not least, here are a few extra products that help us running our day to day!