Hi! I'm Paulina, the person behind Madebypaulinauk.

I started Madebypaulinauk out of my tiny spare room in our flat in Reading. All I had was a Jesmonite starter pack from Resin8 and a little phone stand which I used to film some process videos for Tiktok. I was working at a typical 9-5 job, feeling uninspired by the lack of creativity in my job. It took me a few months before I learned how to create quality home decor using Jesmonite. I spent all my free time creating, practicing my craft and learning how to film for social media. 

In May 2021 I finally handed in my notice and left my full time job to work on Madebypaulinauk. My main objective when I first started with the craft was to bring some colour into my home, and now I do this for hundreds of people around the world.

So, why Jesmonite? 

Jesmonite is a gypsum and acrylic compound, a non toxic, VOC free resin alternative that is made to last a very long time. With short curing times and endless possibilities it was the perfect medium for someone like me. But the most important part about it was the fact it's eco friendly. I built the entire business with sustainability in mind. My packaging is made up of recyclable paper tape, corn starch packing peanuts, paper bubble wrap and reused shredded cardboard. The one thing I cannot understand is the amount of plastic packaging used by some large companies, I vowed to myself that would never be me. 

Each item I make is individually and entirely made by hand. I mix all the Jesmonite colours and cast them into terrazzo chips, then later mix them into the base colour and cast in a variety of homeware moulds. Once set they are hand sanded to reveal the colourful chips. Are items are  sealed to protect against water damage. The finished pieces are always completely unique!

I love to keep myself busy so I'm always creating more, this means there are new products added to the shop regularly. In my shop you can find items like trays, coasters, plant pots, vases, pen pots, candle holders and more! Subscribe to the mailing list to never miss a shop update, and you may even receive exclusive offers or discounts straight to your mailbox. 

You probably found me on my social media, but if you haven't make sure to click those social links and follow my channels for satisfying behind the scenes and process videos. I've also launched a YouTube channel recently where I post weekly studio vlogs that show more about my life as a business owner.

It's been over a year since I started making with Jesmonite and my business has grown beyond my imagination, my biggest hope is to keep growing and provide more customers with sustainable home decorations tailored to their homes. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey! 

Paulina x

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